Dabdoob, the Gulf’s fast-growing online toy store, announced today that the top-selling 2021 toy category in Qatar is ‘Dolls and Collectables’ across all ages and genders.

Dabdoob is a kids-centric e-commerce retailer that offers parents easy access to thousands of toys, books, costumes, and games through a fun, safe, and exciting shopping and delivery experience. Headquartered in Kuwait, they entered the Saudi Arabian market in 2019 and the Qatari market in 2021.

The ‘Dolls and Collectables’ category has dominated Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian markets, and now has become the first top selling in Qatar from April 2021 to September 2021. Playing sets, cars and trains come in the second and third selling categories. Dabdoob is excited to see new developments from their latest market and is excited to expand across the Gulf and the Middle East.

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On the last day of the Riyadh International Book Fair, at the Riyadh Wajha. Dabdoob participated in bidding farewell to children readers who visited the fair.

We distributed coupons, with an encouraging phrase “Today’s Reader, Tomorrow’s Leader” to enhance the role of reading and its impact on kids. Nevertheless, dabdoob presented toys and gifts to all the visiting kids. Many families with their kids also took memorable photos with dabdoob. It was an enjoyable day.

Dabdoob, the Gulf’s fast-growing online toy store, today announced it’s sponsoring the ‘Safe Return to School’ event by Tamkeen at The Avenues Mall to celebrate the return of in-person schooling in Kuwait.   The event, held by Dabdoob in partnership with Tamkeen, attracted over 1,500 guests and featured activities such as coloring stations and live caricature painters, as well as gifts and rewards. New and returning students enjoyed the event. Dabdoob is delighted to partner up with Tamkeen and the Avenues to host this event, and the brand looks forward to hosting many more safe and kid-friendly events in the future.

Whenever you are interested in collaborating with us, feel free to contact us at any time


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